Get a Fresh Start Today!

Getting Started

          After your initial consultation you can retain the bankruptcy office of Russell S. Simonetta with as little as $200.00 down. Upon retaining the office my legal staff will go over a packet for you to take home and complete along with a list of documents we require. Additionally, we will give you a list of credit counseling providers for your assistance.

         After retaining the office you can start referring any creditor calls you receive to our office. Additionally, you can stop paying on the creditors you are including in your bankruptcy filing. You can make payments to our office in any manner you can afford. We do not require a specific payment plan. We are your attorneys, not your creditor so you can choose how and when to pay toward your balance.

         While you are working on your paper work and paying your fees, we will begin processing your case. We will open your file, order tax transcripts and credit reports.

         Once you have completed paying on your account, you simply return your paperwork along with the requested documentation and we will expeditiously prepare your bankruptcy petition for filing with the Court.

         After completing your bankruptcy petition we will contact you to schedule an appointment to come into the office to review and sign it. It will then be filed with the Court and an automatic stay immediately comes into effect barring any creditors from taking any action against you including calling and writing.

         It’s as simple as that! So don’t delay. Call today for a Fresh Start and start planning for your future!